Intech 21, Inc has developed an innovative energy conservation technology that returns immediate and measureable savings for residential buildings. Government run public housing (such as New York City Housing Authority) realizes that they can save around 25% energy savings by retrofitting existing buildings, while also providing significantly higher operating and management efficiencies. Intech 21, Inc has also developed an integrative Smart Grid Technology that creates demand response applications and results. All Intech 21's product lines (i.e. HVAC optimization, Submetering, Smart Grid, etc.) are driven by a patented wireless network infrastructure that is highly efficient and scalable with close to a zero failure rate of over 50,000 installed devices.
Energy Management Systems

Intech 21, Inc. congratulates
a good friend
Mr. Michael Donlan
with receiving the
Gold Medal Award
for his remarkable accomplishments and hard work in bringing peace and prosperity to Northern Ireland

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